Musicians and technicians

Otmar Binder, piano
Alexander Lackner, bass
Michael Strasser, drums
BJ Cole, slide-, and pedal steel-guitar
Christian Dozzler, piano and harp
Charlie Furthner, piano
Geri Schuller, organ

Oliver Gattringer, drums
The Floyd´s Turn Orchestra:
Stefan Holoubek – additional guitars

Judith Reiter – viola
Julia Pichler – violin
Alexander Gheorghiu – violin

Patricia Simpson – choir and vocal arrangement
Bernadette Graf – choir
Steffi Paschke – choir

Andi Steirer – percussion

The trio on tracks 1/2/3/4/8/9/11/12/13/14/16/17 was recorded by Alexander Grün at the tonal-Studio. Track 5 was recorded at the classical arts studio by Harald Hajek and Michael Waldegg, track 6 at G’s Living Room, tracks 7 and 10 by Joachim Palden at the Blues Man Room, and track 15 by Heinz Kohlbauer at the absolute sound studio.

Percussion and strings on track 17: recorded and produced by Hannes Oberwalder (who also wrote the string arrangement) at the tom ton studio; the choir was recorded at Pat’s Homerecording Studio.

The recordings of the trio, the duos, the strings, percussion and all vocals were done in Vienna, while BJ Cole was recorded at the Batcave in London.

Mixed by Dieter Libuda  with Werner Freistaetter and Otmar Binder at

Mastered by Mandy Parnell at the Black Saloon, London.

Post-production by Robert Eder at Artis Studio.

Photos by Christoph A. Hellhake
Cover Design by Aleka Zichy.

PR Company in the US: Jim Eigo